Why MockTest?

MockTest is designed to help improve a candidate’s performance in Pre-licensing exams, by mimicking a real test, giving them real life practice. MockTest covers all topics in a systematic manner, so that the trainers can analyse a candidate’s performance in each section and retrain, if needed. The results are immediately obtained, so training a candidate the prospective agent on his/her weak subject/s, can be arranged expeditiously. GOLS is pleased to offer a package of 5 Mock tests to aspiring Insurance Agents to help them prepare for the mandatory pre-licensing exams in Life, Non-Life (General) and Health Insurance.

Features and Benefits:

  • The MockTest mimics the real exam process in every way, i.e. number of questions, topics covered, and timed duration
  • Confidence is boosted in the actual exams, as one has practiced being in the real exam situation before and can fare better. Heard of the famous saying – “Practice makes a man perfect”.
  • Questions are based on the past examination pattern
  • The questions sets are prepared by industry experts, with over 25 years of experience
  • Once you clear the mock test successfully, you are confident to take the real exam and opportunities in the Insurance industry would be yours to grab!

Mock Test Fees: Rs. 300/- for a package of 5 Mock tests